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List Your Home with Us

House and Home Vacations is an Arizona property management company, specializing in luxury homes and personal care. We work with property owners to maximize the value of their vacation home rental investment. Every home is well maintained, routinely inspected, and regularly cleaned. We ensure that all of your guests are qualified, and your home will bring in revenue during all seasons of the year.


By qualifying every guest, we ensure that you avoid scams and your home is occupied by people who will treat it with respect. Our due diligence guarantees timely payment and quality revenue. Because we only rent to the right people, we reduce wear and tear on your home.

  • Avoid scams
  • Reduce wear and wear on your home
  • Guarantee Revenue


We greet every one of our guests in-person. This helps guests understand the nuances of your home and ensures that they are who they say they are. We help guests know the value of your property, so they will show your home the respect it deserves. Personal greetings allow us to guide guests and build lasting relationships.

  • In-person check-in
  • Build lasting relationships with guests
  • Closely monitor the status of your home
  • Hands-on guest experience


In addition to pre and post-stayinspections, our team regularly checks on your home, even when they are unoccupied. Preemptive care allows us to troubleshoot problems before they arise. Your home deserves consistent maintenance. We won’t let a small issue becoming something bigger.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Regular Inspections
  • Year-round preemptive care